Veranstaltungshinweis: „Indien: Ein Land im Wandel?“

Einladung zur Auftaktveranstaltung der India Week Hamburg 2013:„Indien: Ein Land im Wandel?“

Montag, 9. September 2013, 9.00 bis 13.15 Uhr,
im Albert-Schäfer-Saal der Handelskammer Hamburg,
Adolphsplatz 1, 20457 Hamburg

Die indische Wirtschaft hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren überdurchschnittlich positiv entwickelt, steht jedoch vor großen Herausforderungen, nicht zuletzt durch die aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen. Deutschen Unternehmen bieten sich weiterhin attraktive geschäftliche Möglichkeiten in Indien.


The “Hidden Champions” and the India Challenge

Invitation to an upcoming event:

The “Hidden Champions” and the India Challenge:
Market Entry and Cultivation Strategies for German “Mittelstand”

India has emerged as an important powerhouse of economic growth with global ramifications. An emerging and aspiring middle class, remarkable technological capabilities, integration in the global governance structures, and a supportive demographic structure coupled with the enormous need for modernization and upgrading of the country’s physical infrastructure provide an unparalleled avenue of economic growth for many coming decades. The “hidden champions” consisting of the renowned German “Mittelstand” (small and mid-sized firms) can participate in this growth story and help shape the Indian dream for “inclusive growth”. However, the long-term opportunities of engaging India seem too daunting for many a “hidden champion” owing to both real and perceived challenges in overcoming bureaucratic and market hurdles. At the same time, German firms would be ill-advised to ignore this market and leave the growth to their rivals from other (emerging market) multinationals.


India Festival Hamburg: May 2012




Friday, May 11, 2012 – Sunday, May 13, 2012
10:00 – 23:00 hrs (FR/SA) // 10:00 – 18:00 hrs (SU)
The exotic and fascinating India is the partner country for 2012 at the 823. HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY. Located at the beach promenade, right next to the Fish Auction Hall, St. Pauli Fish market, India will present a colorful programme:

Daily dance and shows from the colorful Subcontinent.

Presentation of the 6 traditional Indian curative treatments and a practical insight

Indian Handicrafts and artisans.

All information about travel to and in India – experience the diversity of the continent

The German Electronic Synchrotron in Hamburg and Indian experts will provide information easy to be understood

The Indian Ministry of Shipping, Ports and Indian Maritime University will be present.

3 Indian restaurants invite to taste and enjoy the Indian Cuisine: Shalimar und Shikara (Hamburg), Taj Mahal (Ahrensburg).

Changes possible – more information when available.

For any updated information please directly consult:

Press Release: Grassroot Innovations Open New Avenues for Indo-German Collaboration

GIRT sees the fourth India Week Hamburg as an ideal platform to further boost bilateral relations

Hamburg (11.10.2011): India has emerged as a hotbed for low-cost, frugal innovations. Buoyed by the entrepreneurial spirit of India’s large private sector and a growing middle class, firms of all sizes and nationalities with a base in India have churned out several affordable and innovative products. “Aakash”, the latest tablet PC priced at about € 35, which has been recently launched in India is an excellent example of such ideas and business model innovations emanating from the Subcontinent.

Many local users in India’s rural areas come up with inventions that are not only innovative and useful but also less expensive than the usual solutions available in the market. Another important feature of grassroot innovations is that they are generally environment friendly and in sync with the given infrastructural conditions. Examples of such innovations include water-based cooling systems that do not require electricity, or non-sticky frying pans made of earth.

Interestingly, India’s emergence as “innovation hub” for low-cost, frugal innovations, often directed at the bottom of the economic pyramid have gone hand-in-hand with increasing exports of engineering goods made in India. The volume of India’s export of engineering goods has increased more than 10-fold in the past 15 years, reaching nearly $ 70 billion. Germany alone imported engineering goods worth $ 11 billion from India in the last fiscal year.

“We see India rapidly emerging as a lead market for frugal innovations”, says Rajnish Tiwari, Head of German-Indian Round Table (GIRT) in Hamburg. Tiwari, who in his capacity as leader of “Research Project Global Innovation” at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has done extensive studies on India’s innovative capacities and Indo-German business relations, sees the suitability of India’s frugal technologies extending especially to markets in South Asia, Africa and Latin America, where many countries have similar socio- economic and geographical structures. He advocates German firms’ participation to realize what his colleague Dr. Stephan Buse from TUHH calls is a “win-win proposition”.

TUHH and GIRT have therefore decided to hold a symposium on the theme of “Grassroot Innovations: New Opportunities for Indo-German Cooperation?” to explore the possibility of joint commercialization of innovations coming from India’s both formal and non-formal sectors. Grassroot innovations in India have been supported and popularized by untiring and inspiring efforts of Prof. Anil Gupta of Honey Bee Network. Several renowned experts, including Prof. Gupta, will participate in a symposium on 20th October 2011 at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. The symposium is being held as a part of the fourth “India Week Hamburg”. GIRT, along with its partners, is co-organizing the following events during the India Week:

We invite all interested persons and firms to participate in these events. The participation is free of charge but requires a prior registration for organizational reasons. All further information can be accessed via:

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About German-Indian Round Table (GIRT)

The German-Indian Round Table (GIRT) was founded by Rudolf Weiler in 2001 and forms a loose federation of businessmen and entrepreneurs with strong ties and interests in India. GIRT’s objective is to inform about India and to strengthen Indo-German business relations. GIRT’s local chapters are organised regularly in Aachen, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig/Halle, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart in Germany and New Delhi/Gurgaon, Pune and Coimbatore in India. GIRT connects about 3,000 people from the Indo-German business community. The Chairman, as well as the respective heads of local sections, of GIRT work on an honorary basis. Since February 2010 Dr. Andreas Waldraff from Berlin is the chairman of GIRT.

The Hamburg Chapter of GIRT is headed by Mr. Rajnish Tiwari from Hamburg University of Technology (TU Hamburg-Harburg). Mr. Tiwari works there as a Research Associate at the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management and leads the Research Project “Global Innovation” ( He has done extensive research on Indo-German business relations and is a co-initiator of the India Week in Hamburg ( Further information about GIRT in Hamburg can be accessed at:

India Week in Hamburg (

Kontakt GIRT Hamburg:

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Pressekontakt GIRT:

Sven Andressen
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Pressekontakt India Week:

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„Doing well by doing good“: New opportunities for Indo-German cooperation?

Report in Germany Contact India, 5/2011, p. 17:

„Doing well by doing good“: New opportunities for Indo-German cooperation?

Last few years have seen the rise of several new and dynamic paradigms in innovation management, especially at the bottom of the population pyramid. These seek to motivate companies to develop affordable and good-quality products for rural and poor customers especially in developing economies.
Such ideas, though admirable in their own right, have in many instances failed to fully appreciate and utilize the power of innovative ideas and the rich heritage of traditional knowledge passed down the generations and are lying largely untapped.
Many local users in rural areas come up with inventions that are not only innovative and useful but also less expensive than the usual solutions available in the market. Other important features of these so called grassroot innovations are that they are environment friendly and in sync with the given infrastructural conditions. Examples of such innovations include water-based cooling systems that do not require electricity or non-sticky frying pans made of earth (clay).
The idea of grassroot innovations has been popularized by Professor Anil Gupta of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Ahmedabad. Grassroot innovations are being fostered by institutions like the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) and the Honey Bee Network in India. The Institute of Technology and Innovation Management at Hamburg University of Technology (TIM/TUHH) has recognized the potential of this paradigm, both, for the practice of innovation management in firms and for giving an impetus to Indo-German cooperation in fields of science, technology and business. There are several studies currently under progress at TIM/TUHH to survey the potential implications of grassroots innovations.

TIM/TUHH, together with the German-Indian Round Table (GIRT), will hold a workshop during the India Week Hamburg 2011 to explore and demonstrate the vast cooperation opportunities for German companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, to assist the inventors with technical and marketing know-how. Mutual benefit can be found, for instance, in the giant domestic Indian market as well as in international marketing of such products in other corresponding markets of Africa, Latin America and Asia. Anil Gupta is scheduled to deliver the keynote address and to participate in a panel discussion. Other cooperation partners include India’s National Innovation Foundation (NIF) and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

(Source: Germany Contact India, 5/2011, p. 17)

See a local copy as PDF: clipping-gc-tuhh (76 KB)