Next Meeting of GIRT Hamburg on May 26, 2014

Dear friends of GIRT Hamburg,

India is currently witnessing a massive exercise by its citizens, the exercise of a very fundamental, democratic right. According to BBC, “It is the biggest voting event in the world: more than 800 million Indians are going to the polls over six weeks to elect a new government.” The results of this almost gigantic exercise and a hotly contested election would be out on 16th of May.

We cordially invite you to our next meeting of German-Indian Round Table in Hamburg on 26th of May (18:30h). By then we would know which party has won the largest number of seats in the Lok Sabha, the Lower House of India’s Parliament, and hopefully also which alliance of parties is likely to form the next government. With some luck, we might also have a preliminary idea of the policy framework for the next legislature period. Irrespective of which coalition rules in Delhi in the post-election period, we hope for, and expect, new impulses for socio-economic growth.


Next GIRT Hamburg meeting on 20th Jan. 2014

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,
Dear friends of German-Indian Round Table (GIRT) Hamburg,

In the name of GIRT Hamburg, and also personally, I would like to extend you and your dear ones our very best wishes for a healthy & prosperous New Year 2014.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to our next meeting that takes place on Monday, 20th January 2014. We will have the pleasure of listening to a talk by Dr. Henning Marwege, Managing Director of Camfil Power Systems GmbH in Bremen and Board member of Camfil India. Camfil is internationally working in the fields of air filtration and power plant components with headquarters in Sweden. Dr. Marwege is responsible for the Camfil branch in Bremen and is active in India since 1998.

Dr. Marwege will talk about “Camfil’s Way to India”. The talk covers topics such as mode of entry/operation (licensing, JV or wholly-owned subsidiary). In his own words: “It also describes production models by means of 100% sub-contracting, lease and operate as well as own and operate. Life in India with headache, frustration, patience and plenty of success.” This sounds very exciting and promises a motivating inauguration of the new year.


Untapped business avenues in rural India

GIRT Hamburg and Bremen Chamber of Commerce invite to an insightful event on 21st Nov. 2013

Photo courtsey: Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India

Latest data suggest that India is again set on a growth track. Away from media limelight India’s hinterland has emerged as a key driver of economic growth. A recent report in the Economic Times (4th October 2013) said, “India Inc’s rural champions have probably never had it so good”. “At a time when the rest of India Inc is either groaning under heavy debt or struggling to sell in a sluggish market,” the report said, “companies with heavy rural focus are literally licking their lips in anticipation of a surge in demand in India’s villages and towns.” The news items also quoted a Deutsche Bank report saying that “years of above-average rainfall have increased rural prosperity and stock markets have responded by pushing up prices of companies with a strong rural presence.”


GIRT Hamburg beteiligt sich an der India Week Hamburg 2013

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
liebe Freunde des German-Indian Round Table Hamburg,

India Week Hamburg 2013„Bald wird in Hamburg wieder die ganze Faszination des indischen Subkontinents erlebbar: Vom 7. bis 15. September findet bereits zum fünften Mal die India Week Hamburg statt, mit der die Hansestadt ihre guten Beziehungen zu dem Partnerland Indien unterstreicht.“


Veranstaltungshinweis: „Indien als Global Player“

Indien hat in den vergangenen Jahren zunehmende Anerkennung als aufstrebende Großmacht erfahren. Zusammen mit Ländern wie China, Brasilien und Südafrika wird Indien immer stärker in internationale Entscheidungsprozesse eingebunden. In wichtigen Fragen des globalen Regierens kann das Land allein schon aufgrund der Größe seiner Bevölkerung nicht mehr ignoriert werden. Auch die indische Außen- und Wirtschaftspolitik ist immer globaler ausgerichtet. Doch inwieweit ist Indien tatsächlich zum Global Player herangewachsen? Inwieweit ist Neu Delhi bereit, in unterschiedlichen Politikbereichen Verantwortung zu übernehmen und mit internationalen Partnern zu kooperieren? Wie sieht Indien die Welt und welche Rolle spielt die indische Wirtschaft in der globalen Positionierung des Landes? Diese und andere Fragen werden WissenschaftlerInnen des GIGA Institut für Asien-Studien und der TU Harburg in der Reihe GIGA Forum analysieren und mit den BesucherInnen diskutieren.

GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies
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11.09.2013, 18.00 Uhr – 19.30 Uhr