A new German-Indian Round Table (GIRT) inaugurated at Coimbatore

The German-Indian Round table (GIRT) was formed in 2001 in Germany as a loose federation of businessmen and entrepreneurs with strong ties and interests in India. The GIRT is targeting to inform about India and strengthen Indo-German business relations. Members of GIRT also support cultural and social activities related to India. GIRT meetings are organized regularly in 10 German cities and connect about 3000 people from the Indo-German business community. The head of the local GIRT and the speakers work on a non-profit basis.

Recently the first German-Indian Round table was founded in Delhi and shortly after that in Pune. The GIRT offers a forum to Indian Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and other people who are interested in Indo-German relations to meet every two month. Lectures by outside speakers about topics like how to do business in Germany or the current German economic development will be held and on request of the participants other topics will be presented or discussed. The interaction between the members is also important as most of them will have different experiences in doing business with German companies.

Now a third Indian chapter has been started by Ruediger Schroeder, President & CEO of Roots Multiclean Ltd. in Coimbatore who lives here since 2010. For the inauguration Dr. Andreas Waldraff, speaker of the German-Indian Round table, was attending the meeting in Coimbatore on 1.10.2011 at 17.00 h at the Hotel Residency. 15 participants showed up and listened to the introductory remarks of Ruediger Schroeder and Dr. Waldraff and then discussed the structure and future topics for the next meetings.

Ruediger Schroeder

German Indian Round Table Coimbatore