India Week Hamburg 2023

Again time for celebrating India in Hamburg! From 20th to 26th November Hamburg will celebrate yet again an „India Week“ that started in 2007 and is now in its 10th edition.

Between 20th and 26th Nov. 2023 Hamburg will witness around 70 events, hosted by a wide variety of organizations, providing exciting insights into the contemporary culture and society of the Indian subcontinent.

During the India Week, current trends will become just as visible as the diverse economic, political and cultural connections between the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the world’s most populous country. Embark on a journey of discovery into the long-standing friendship between Hamburg and India, enjoy extraordinary art and cultural projects and help shape the future of our partnership in fields as promising as cutting-edge innovation, science & technology, healthcare.

The German-Indian Round Table co-organizes the India Week and has been one of the initiators and constant constituents since its inception. Also this time, in addition to our role as a co-organizer, we are co-hosting two events in collaboration with our valued partners:

(1) Hamburg-India Business Day (21 Nov. 2023)

(2) Frugal Innovations for a Healthy Society – Learnings for India and Germany (in German, on 22 Nov. 2023)

For both of these events we have been able to put together a very attractive program with distinguished speakers, and look forward to your participation.

India Week Hamburg is organized by a core team of institutions in Hamburg that includes the Senate Chancellery, Ministry of Culture, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, OAV Asia-Pacific Business Association, Hamburg Invest, the Hamburg Representation Mumbai, and the German-Indian Round Table, in partnership with the Consulate General of India as well as other institutions/organizations and individuals.

Download India Week 2023 program as PDF, approx. 14 MB

„Partnering India“: GIRT Hamburg invites to its next meeting

India has advanced to the position of the fifth largest global economy. As per IMF’s World Economic Outlook from April 2023, the size of India’s economy has nearly doubled from $1.7 trillion in 2010, to $3.4 trillion in 2022. It is estimated that within the next four years India will emerge as the third largest economy with a forecasted size of $5.2 trillion in 2027, overtaking Japan and Germany. Cumulative stock of inwards foreign direct investments (FDI) in India has doubled even faster: from $253 billion in 2014 to $514 billion in 2021, as per UNCTAD figures. The country has also emerged as a key source of outward FDI as well – with a cumulative stock of over $206 billion in 2021. With a young population and unsaturated markets, it offers tremendous opportunities for collaboration on multiple fronts, such as market growth, innovation activities and skilled migration.

While India’s increasingly important role in the global economy has been evident for some time, the significant changes in the geopolitical and geoeconomic spheres have made a collaboration between India and Germany, and indeed between India and the European Union, even more promising, especially in this year when India is holding the presidency of the G-20 nations. German-Indian Round Table (GIRT) Hamburg is pleased to hold an event on the theme of „Partnering India: A quest for growth & development“ in cooperation with the Consulate General of India to discuss the potentials, challenges and requisite measures in an interactive setting with representatives of firms, organizations, policy making institutions, media and other interested individuals.

We look forward to an introductory address from Ms. Soumya Gupta, Consul General of India in Hamburg, followed by a welcome address and introduction of GIRT by Prof. Dr. Rajnish Tiwari, Head of GIRT Hamburg and Professor of Global Innovation at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences (“Hochschule Fresenius”).

His Excellency, Mr. Parvathaneni Harish, India’s Ambassador to Germany, will grace the occasion as chief guest and deliver a keynote.

Dr. Stephan Buse, Deputy Head of the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management, and co-leader of GIRT Hamburg, will moderate the event and together with Prof. Tiwari discuss some key aspects of India’s national innovation system and its potential for global innovation value chains of firms, including those of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The talks will be followed by an interactive session and networking opportunity over a dinner. 

The event details are as below (download as PDF):

  • Date: June 1, 2023 (18:00 – 21:00 hours)
  • Place: Auditorium, Consulate General of India
    Kohlhöfen 21, D-20355 Hamburg

Our events are generally bi-lingual to allow interaction with all interested persons without language barriers. The meeting will provide ample opportunity for networking over dinner.

The participation is free of charge but requires prior and binding registration by e-mail to Dr. Stephan Buse:


Registration date: latest by Friday, May 26, 2023.

The right to admission is reserved and all accepted registrations will be individually confirmed.

Looking forward to an interesting and informative get together!

(Photo: TUHH/Jupitz)

India Week Hamburg 2021 and GIRT’s engagement

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today with information about the “India Week Hamburg” that is set to take off tomorrow, Monday, 8 Nov. 2021. Even though the Corona pandemic has taken its toll on our regular meetings, it has not stopped us from working in the background on topics close to our heart.

Together with our valuable partners in Hamburg, especially the Senate Chancellery, the Ministry of Culture, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the OAV Asia-Pacific Business Association, Hamburg Invest, the Hamburg Representation Mumbai, and of course, the Consulate General of India, we have been able to put up an impressive program of over 70 highly attractive events for the India Week Hamburg 2021. There is a good mix of online, offline and hybrid events.

In the following, I pick up some events that are co-organized by GIRT Hamburg.

  • Monday, 8 Nov. 2021: Hamburg-India Business Days

As many of you already know, tomorrow is the Hamburg-India Business Day with an impressive line-up of speakers. The keynote on the topic of economic recovery after Covid is being delivered by Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal, who is the Principal Economic Advisor to the Government of India and an internationally acclaimed economist and best-selling author. This is followed by a panel discussion on the theme of “Self-reliant India Policy: What does it mean for German business?”. This session will be moderated by Stefan Halusa, Director General of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and the panelists include Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan, Director of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Eeva Karsta (Drägerwork) and Indrajeet Sen (L&T). In addition, there are four online breakout sessions on highly relevant topics, such as green hydrogen projects in India, supply chains, taxation, and cooperation in R&D and innovation.

The session on R&D and innovation is an event of GIRT/TUHH. Further details about this session, including log-in details, can be found here.

  • Wednesday, 10 Nov. 2021: Potentials of Indo-German Collaboration for High-Tech Innovation

This very special GIRT/ TUHH/ FICCI event is concerned with the innovation potential in our turbulent world. Why does it make sense for India and Germany to cooperate in the field of hightech innovation? What are the experiences & challenges from firms‘ perspective? Join our online India Week Hamburg event on Nov. 10, between 10-12 CET to get some answers and a lot of inspiration from those who ought to know, namely experts and practitioners.

We look forward to an insightful event with high-caliber experts and practitioners that include Prof. Beate Bergé, Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan, Jagyan Mishra, John Ruolngul, Clemens von Reyher, Denise Ring, Dr. Stephan Buse, Pallavi Mishra, and Rajnish Tiwari.

Participating organizations (affiliations of the invited speakers) include companies such as Infosys Innovation Lab, L&T Technology Services Limited, and EDAG Group; universities such as the Fachhochschule Konstanz – Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung, Hamburg University of Technology, Hochschule Fresenius, and associations, e.g. FICCI, IHK Nord e.V. and the German-Indian Round Table (GIRT)..

Please register for the event using this link:

  • Tuesday, 10 Nov. 2021: Indo-German Cooperation in Research, Education and Innovation (in presence)

In the context of Indo-German collaboration in research, DESY and Fraunhofer IAPT from Hamburg present science projects followed by a discussion with the audience. Comprehensible lectures will be given on nano-material research with X-rays and new manufacturing possibilities through industrial 3D Printing. Afterwards, scientists from Fraunhofer IAPT and DESY will be available for discussion on science, innovation as well as opportunities for students at both research institutions.

Info & registration:

  • Tuesday, 16 Nov. 2021: Indo-German Start-up Stories

Innovation & entrepreneurship form the basis for the prosperity of societies. India and Germany have been experiencing a start-up boom in promising industries for years. Start-ups are often founded by students and young scientists. How cooperation can contribute to the success of start-ups will be discussed at this event with German and Indian founders & promoters. The event is aimed at students, funding organizations & stakeholders with an interest in the Indo-German start-up ecosystem.

For further details, please see:

  • The overall India Week Hamburg

The entire program of the India Week across cultural, economic, political and social events, as well as some very well-prepared and useful articles, podcasts etc. can be found under:

Concluding thoughts

We are very grateful to all those project partners and speakers who have contributed to enable the India Week in this pandemic time. Special thanks are due to the Senate Chancellery of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and Ms. Julie-Ann Shiraishi for great engagement and fruitful coordination.


On behalf of GIRT Hamburg – together with my colleagues Dr. Stephan Buse and Vishnuu Jothi Prakash – I wish you a week full of many informative, engaging and joyful events, whether online, offline or hybrid. Despite the short notice, which was unfortunately unavoidable due to various constraints, we do hope to see you in some of the events.

With very best regards

Rajnish Tiwari

Online event on Nov. 10, 2021: Potentials of Indo-German Collaboration for High-Tech Innovation

(image: GIGA Hamburg)
Come and get inspired!

India and Germany belong to the group of leading innovating nations in selected high-tech sectors. Research conducted by the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management at TUHH shows that the competence profiles of the business and science sectors of both countries have complementarities, which have not been sufficiently utilized so far.

This online event will explore the potentials for Indo-German cooperation through selected successful practical examples, high-calibre expert talks and a panel discussion. Some of the questions it will focus upon are:

  • Why does it make sense for India and Germany to cooperate in the field of high-tech, e.g. hydrogen power?
  • What are the opportunities that German firms see in an innovation partnership with India?
  • Why do Indian companies engage in R&D and innovation in Germany? What are their experiences?

Event title: Potentials of Indo-German Collaboration for High-Tech Innovation

Date & Time: Wed., 10 Nov. 2021, 10:00 – 12:00 h (CET) | 14:30 – 16:30 h (IST)

Zoom link for registration:


„India. What’s next?“: GIRT Hamburg lädt zur nächsten Veranstaltung am 26. August 2019

Indien produziert Schlagzeilen, und zwar nicht nur aufgrund von jüngsten politischen Maßnahmen im Bundestaat Jammu und Kaschmir (J&K). Zum ersten Mal seit mehreren Jahrzehnten wurde in Indien bei der größten demokratischen Wahlübung der Welt eine amtierende Regierung mit einer vollen – und sogar erhöhten – Mehrheit wieder ins Amt gewählt.

Viele Experten interpretieren die klare Mehrheit für das Regierungsbündnis als ein eindeutiges Mandat für Premierminister Narendra Modi, weitreichende Reformen im Land durchzuführen. PM Modi hat bereits seine Vision angekündigt, Indien in den nächsten fünf Jahren zu einer Volkswirtschaft mit einem BIP von 5 Billionen Dollar zu machen. Um diese Vision zu verwirklichen, sind erhebliche Reformen erforderlich, insbesondere angesichts der Berichte über eine Abschwächung des Wirtschaftswachstums. Andererseits erlebt das Land viele Innovationen und macht Fortschritte bei und mit der Digitalisierung. Die jüngsten Schritte der Regierung für eine vollständige nationale Integration von Jammu & Kaschmir dürften mittel- bis langfristig auch erhebliche Auswirkungen auf das Geschäfts- und Regulierungsumfeld haben.

Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Entwicklungen laden wir Sie zu unserem nächsten Treffen ein, das am 26. August 2019 um 18 Uhr in den Räumlichkeiten von Taylor Wessing (Hanseatic Trade Center, Am Sandtorkai 41, 20457 Hamburg) stattfinden wird.

  • Das Treffen beginnt mit einer kurzen Begrüßung durch die Gastgeber Philipp Behrendt (Taylor Wessing) und Dr. Rajnish Tiwari (GIRT Hamburg).
  • Seine Exzellenz, Herr Madan Lal Raigar, Indiens Generalkonsul in Hamburg, wird als Ehrengast eine Begrüßungsansprache halten.
  • Nach einer kurzen Übersicht über die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung der letzten Jahre wird ein Expertenvortrag (Keynote) folgen. Die Keynote der Veranstaltung wird von Frau Iris Winkler, einer bekannten Indien-Expertin und Senior Managerin bei PwC, gehalten. Frau Winkler gibt Einblicke in das neue Investitionsszenario in Indien. Sie wird auch die wichtigsten politische und regulatorische Maßnahmen hervorheben, die die neue Regierung in ihrem jüngsten Haushalt eingeführt hat und welche für Investitionsvorhaben möglicherweise große Bedeutung besitzen.

Die bilinguale Veranstaltung ist als Austauschplattform für eine rege und produktive Diskussion mit den Vortragenden aber auch mit und unter den Teilnehmenden angedacht.

Es folgt eine Networking-Möglichkeit bei Snacks und einem majestätischen Blick auf die Elbphilharmonie. Die Veranstaltung wird freundlicherweise von Taylor Wessing unterstützt.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, erfordert aber eine vorherige verbindliche Anmeldung per E-Mail an spätestens bis Donnerstag, 22. August 2019. Aufgrund der begrenzten Verfügbarkeit von Plätzen werden die akzeptierten Anmeldungen schriftlich bestätigt. Der Zutritt ist vorbehalten.

Bitte entschuldigen Sie, wenn Sie die Benachrichtigung über diese Veranstaltung zum zweiten Mal erhalten. Einige von Ihnen haben Ihre Teilnahme mir gegenüber bereits bestätigt, während andere noch keine E-Mail erhalten haben. Entschuldigen Sie bitte die Unannehmlichkeit.

Auf der Veranstaltung geben wir auch Details der bevorstehenden India Week Hamburg 2019 bekannt.

Wir freuen uns auf ein interessantes und informatives Treffen mit Ihnen!

[ Download information in English as PDF ]