Indian govt. restricts mobile connections for foreign tourists

According to a report appearing in the Economic Times (Sept. 2, 2012), the Government of India „has asked Telecom Service Providers not to provide mobile connection for more than three months to any foreign tourist visiting India“.

„Any mobile connection issued to a foreigner should not have a validity beyond the validity of the visa. In case of foreign tourist, the validity of connection should not be beyond the visa period and also not exceed three months at a time even if the validity of the visa is beyond three months,“ the fresh guidelines, which have been vetted by Union Home Ministry, said.

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The fresh regulations are set to cause hassles to foreign tourists, who regularly travel to India and wish to keep their local mobile number unchanged. It may be subject to question, how effective such a policy is going to be in achieving its stated objective, i.e. to check misuse of SIM cards by terror groups. Those bent on harming India can probably use the numerous STD/ISD booths, WiFi networks, or satellite phones without getting detected easily. It is a common, innocent tourist, who will have to face the hassles, despite registering him- or herself and thus being identifiable at any point of time. The regulations are especially and unnecessarily harsh, because they do not even allow a connection for the full period of visa validity and restrict it to a maximum of 3 months, as if a terrorist would misuse his or her connection only after 3 months.

This goes in the same direction as the (incomprehendible) restriction on entry within less than 2 months on a tourist visa, despite having a „valid“ visa for the complete duration. Those who wish to harm India probably do not necessarily apply for a visa and rather infiltrate the country in an illegal manner. But it is a commoner who usually suffers the consequences of a short-sighted policy.

„Indian IT cos in US paid $15 bn taxes in last 5 years“

„The Indian IT industry in the US has contributed $15 billion in taxes alone in the last five years“, according to India’s Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai.

According to a report appearing in the Economic Times (Feb. 8, 2012):

NASSCOM estimates that Indian industry employs over 100,000 in the US up from 20,000 six years ago, he said adding it supports 200,000 other jobs, including indirect ones, apart from enhancing the competitiveness of some the US industries.

„Most Indian companies are setting up development centres. Indian IT industry contributed $15 billion in taxes over the last five years. This success story should not be set back by stringent visa regulations which act as a non-tariff barrier,“ he said.

„According to a back of envelope calculation – Indians paid over $200 million in visa fees. Perhaps $30-50 million has been taken from young aspiring Indians working in businesses whose US visas were rejected. The pink slip has become a greenback!“ Mathai said.

Source: The Economic Times, online, 08.02.2012

„Metro Cash & Carry opens outlet in Ludhiana; 7th in India“

From: The Economic Times, Dateline: Sep 1, 2011

NEW DELHI: Germany’s Metro Cash & Carry today announced the opening of its seventh wholesale distribution centre in India at Ludhiana in Punjab, built at an investment of Rs 60 crore.

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